Exciting Writing Morning

3rd March 2017
Exciting Writing Morning
Friday 3rd March 2017
We held this year’s Exciting Writing morning on Friday 3rd March.
This started with a whole school assembly where we watched the film, “The Dreamgiver”.
In this clip we see a group of orphans sleeping silently in an orphanage.  Quietly, the window shutters open and in crawls a mysterious creature.  He doesn't look too friendly at first but we soon see what his plan is.
This is the Dreamgiver and by cracking his dream eggs he makes sure the childrens' nights are pleasurable.  He creates the dreams by cracking the eggs onto stories, posters and ballet shoes.
As we watched, enthralled, we were suddenly interrupted by Mrs Flint who told us that she had seen something strange in our playground and that some children really should go with her to investigate.
Van Gogh and Monet classes then went outside where they found a magical nest full of dream eggs; some glowed brightly, some were shiny, some were dark.  The Dreamgiver had left them for us!
But what would happen if one of the Dreamgiver’s eggs is accidentally spilt on something not so nice?   Well, Picasso class watched the end of the film clip when a 'dream egg' is knocked off the bed and onto a 'shadow serpent’.  They then wrote their own dreams and nightmares using all of their creative techniques.
Kandinsky class designed ‘Wanted’ posters for the Dreamgiver and wrote a letter with persuasive language to request their favourite dream.
Monet class wrote shape poems about imaginative dreams they wished to have, from dinosaurs to rocket ships and also a pirate island.
Van Gogh class wrote about their favourite dreams and wishes as well as making beautiful dream catchers.
The morning concluded with another whole school assembly where we shared our learning.
Parents were invited to join us for the morning and their feedback was so positive.


“As usual a brilliantly creative morning – lovely to see the role play with the staff get the children excited.”


“Fantastic morning! Very inspiring and the children really enjoyed it!”


“Such imagination! The children had so many wonderful ideas!”


For more photographs of the day, please go to the gallery page.