Modern Foreign Languages


All children in KS2 receive a French lesson every week from a native French teacher. Lessons are very interactive and include a range of French storybooks to enhance speaking and listening.   

Bonjour tout le monde,

Children in Monet class (Years 1 and 2) can join a lunch time club on a Tuesday where children learn French through games and songs:  we sit down as little as possible!  The learning is a bit more formal in Kandinsky class (Years 3 and 4), where children are expected to start reading and writing in French, mainly through playing games, learning rhymes and looking at French books. In Picasso (Year 5 and 6), French grammar is taught more systematically so that children can start forming complex sentences to express themselves in French. Throughout the school there is a strong emphasis on the French sound system, it helps children learn to read, write and develop a good accent.

There is no Homework in French, although I always love to hear about their French experience outside of school. If you travel to France please send us a postcard!  If your child speaks another language at home or if you travel to another country, I would love to hear about that too. Making connections between languages and cultures is a great skill that bilingual children seem experts at!

There are plenty of ways to experience France from the comfort of your home though. Most of your child’s favourite tv programmes are available online, just type the name of the programme followed by “en francais”, most of their favourite books can be found as French audiobooks and a lot of DVDs can be set to play in French. It always surprises me how much they enjoy listening to a film in a foreign language even if they don’t understand every word!!!

A bientôt!

Virginie Truche-Gordon.