Year 5/6 Residential to Mount Cook

7th June 2018
All back safely! A great time was had by all.
Mount Cook update - "All children still asleep at 7am... just getting ready for breakfast and then onto the final mornings activities." updated 7:15am 8/6/18
Mount Cook update -  “Fabulous last evening. Lots of singing, dancing and camaraderie around the camp fire! Everyone is exhausted and looking forward to a good night's sleep. Final morning of activities tomorrow... low ropes and team challenge.” updated 9:30pm 7/6/18
Mount Cook update - “Another great day. Jam packed full of different activities! Children are just off on their last daytime activity and then it's dinner, shop and then camp fire this evening".  updated 4:15pm 7/6/18
Mount Cook update - “Fantastic afternoon of activities followed by an evening walk. We had a quiet night! All very good, bed on time and slept through! “ updated 7am 7/6/18
6/6/18 - The Year 5/6 children are off the their residential trip to Mount Cook in Derbyshire over the next couple of days. They left at 10am and the rest of the school came out to wave them off!