Church School

Our School's Vision Statement


Together, with God’s help, we learn for life, achieve our best and grow in faith!


With God’s help, and supported by our Christian community, we create firm foundations for all.

We learn for life through discovery, independence and empowerment, enabling confidence.

We achieve our best nurturing potential, widening horizons, supporting aspirations.

We grow in faith developing and deepening understanding of Christian values and God’s message.

We base this vision on the parable of the mustard seed from Mark 4 v 30-32.


Abbots Ripton is a Church of England Primary School. Our Christian Ethos is very important to us and it permeates all that we do here in school and in the wider community.

Church schools are for all children, for those whose parents profess another faith than our own, or who have no faith at all.  At Abbots Ripton we welcome this and the religious beliefs of all.  Our aim is to educate children in a happy atmosphere so that when they grow up they may have standards by which to evaluate the world around them.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Collective Worship. Requests to do so must be made in writing to the Headteacher. However, withdrawal cannot guarantee exclusion from the religious character of the school and the Governors hope that in choosing a church school, parents are thereby committing themselves to their child’s participation in the religious life of our school.

Values for Collective Worship

At the end of last term, we spoke to the children about the Values that we have focused on throughout the last year in our Collective Worship. They were able to explain why these values are so important and they shared examples of how these values have helped them both inside and outside of school.

They were then asked to reflect on the values that they felt were the most important for us here at Abbots Ripton Church of England Primary School.

These were the values which were decided upon by the children:

  • Love/Agape (which they felt was the most important value and which should be an integral part of our school life and how we conduct ourselves)
  • Respect
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Faithfulness
  • Perseverance
  • Compassion
  • Thankfulness
  • Courage
  • Forgiveness
  • Generosity/Service
  • Justice
  • Trust
  • Truthfulness

We will focus on these values in our Collective Worship next academic year.

Autumn 1 2021 Autumn 2 2021 Spring 1 2022 Spring 2 2022 Summer 1 2022 Summer 2 2022
Faithfulness  Generosity Peace  Forgiveness  Respect  Courage

We share an overview of each of these themes with parents in our newsletters so that they can support the children in reflecting on living by these values.

We also hold a Eucharist Service once every term in school and parents are welcome to join us for this service.  The dates are published on our school calendar at the start of term. We follow the Church of England's liturgical year and celebrate some of the key festivals over the year; harvest, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

To find out mote about our Collective Worship please click on the 'Collective Worship' tab.

Our Church Community

Abbots Ripton Church of England Primary School has links with its local churches in the surrounding catchment villages of Kings Ripton, Broughton and St Andrew's Church in Abbots Ripton. St Andrew's  Church is one of ten churches that are part of the North Leightonstone Benefice

These villages and churches fall within the Diocese of Ely and in  Picasso Class the children visit the Cathedral for a special day trip to join together with other Church Schools from the Diocese every October. 

The school has five Foundation Governors who maintain the church/school links with local parishes. 


Useful Links:

The North Leightonstone Benefice

Home - North Leightonstone ( 

Ely Diocese 

Kings Ripton Parish Church 

Woodwalton Parish Church  

Find a Church

Prayer within the school day

The whole school prayer is beautifully displayed in the school hall and is said during each daily Collective Worship. We also have a class prayer which links closely to our vision: 

Dear God,

Please help us together, to learn for life, achieve our best and grow in faith.

In Jesus' name,



Our School Prayer

Dear Lord,

All together we are Abbots Ripton School

Bless each one of us this day.

Bring joy to our lives.

Open our hearts to peace

Together we pray to you our Father

Stand by us as we grow.


May we:

Reflect your goodness

In all that we do.

Protect the world around us and

Take care of your creation.

Our family and friends we trust to your care

Now and forever we say


Our School Vision Statement

Like the parable of the mustard seed, in Matthew 13, we are a school where we learn for life, achieve our best and grow in faith, helped with the encouragement of Paul’s words in Colossians 2: Keep your roots deep in Jesus and have your lives built on him.