Welcome back to the Summer Term..

Learning from Home

All of our Learning from Home has been set through our STARz E-Learning Platform.  We will continue to use this platform for children who are isolating and therefore unable to attend school or in the event of a school closure.
All children have an individual log in and password which has been updated for this academic year. 
In the event of a school closure, children should be accessing their learning via the STARZ platform each day unless they are attending school under the rules applied.
If the school is open, children should only be accessing this learning if they are at home isolating.  This may be because they or someone in their household has symptoms and are awaiting a test and results from this test, or because someone in the household has tested positive and therefore everyone in the household is isolating. 
If your child is away from school because they are unwell, they shouldn’t be accessing this learning.  We do understand that during a period of isolation, parents may be unwell themselves or may be working from home; this can be difficult to manage so please do not feel that this online learning must be completed and remember that we will support in whatever way we can.  
Below we have written a short guide to support parents with how to use STARz.  
We have also included below some additional learning from home documents which families might find useful.  The Moving on Up documents were written to support parents with preparing their children to be ready for the challenges of the next year group through the Summer.  However, they contain some brilliant resources and ideas for families to 'dip into' with their children.