Welcome back to the Summer Term..

Our Church School Vision

Our Vision Statement

 Together, with God’s help, we learn for life, achieve our best and grow in faith!

 With God’s help, and supported by our Christian community, we create firm foundations for all.

We learn for life through discovery, independence and empowerment, enabling confidence.

We achieve our best nurturing potential, widening horizons, supporting aspirations.

We grow in faith developing and deepening understanding of Christian values and God’s message.


Our vision is rooted in the parable of the mustard seed from Mark 4 v 30-32 which we use as a metaphor for our children. We teach the children that they are like a mustard seed; they flourish and grow during their time here, ready for the next stage of their journey. Every child is nurtured and enabled to flourish through our teaching and care. We treat every child with the dignity and respect that they deserve as children of God.  In our school, each child will have an experience of the “kingdom of God” through our daily worship and learning about Christian values, through wisdom gained from teaching and learning, and particularly through a realisation that they are loved and therefore part of God’s kingdom.
We also use the metaphor of the mustard seed to teach children about the power of small acts; that even the smallest of actions can make a big difference.  They understand that they form a small part of their class, their school, their community, the UK and the wider world but their actions can permeate this.  Our children are taught that although small, they are intrinsically valued and loved by God.