Welcome back to the Summer Term..


Our school’s uniform

  • The only item which needs to have our school logo is a school jumper/cardigan.
  • Our uniform is a royal blue jumper and/or cardigan which has our logo on it.  Grey school trousers, grey school shorts, grey skirts or a grey school dress may be worn.  These items should be worn with a light blue polo top, black shoes and white or grey socks and/or tights. All of these items with the exception of the school jumper/cardigan may be purchased from any retailer.
  • In the warmer months, children may wear a light blue and white checked summer dress.
  • Our PE kit is a black tracksuit (bottoms and a top) with a plain white t-shirt.  We ask that these are not branded e.g. they shouldn’t contain sports logos e.g. football tops.  For indoor PE we ask for black shorts and a plain white t-shirt.  All of these items may be purchased from any retailer.
  • No jewellery should be worn to school with the exception of small stud earrings which can be removed and/or covered for PE.  If there are religious and/or cultural reasons for wearing jewellery, (taking into account the requirement described above to avoid discrimination in line with the Equality Act 2010) please do let us know.
  • All children are expected to wear black shoes to school.  These may be a trainer style if they are all black.  In the summer, children should not wear open toed or flip-flop style shoes.
  • Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back for school and we ask that hair accessories such as headbands and clips are plain and in line with the school uniform colours – blue, black or white.
  • Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 require a book bag.  These can be purchased with a school logo but they do not need to be branded.  However, they but must be an appropriate size to fit in the classroom drawers.  These children do not require any other bags.
  • Children in Key Stage 2 may bring a bag to school but we do not have any preference of colours/style but we do ask that this is not too large as space in our cloakrooms is limited. 
  • Children in Reception will require an all in one waterproof and a pair of wellington boots.  These do not need to be branded and can be purchased from any retailer.
  • All children require a coat for school and we do not have any preference with regards to colours/styles.
  • In wetter months, we will ask all children to have a pair of wellington boots or an old pair of trainers – this is so that we can continue to use the school field even when it is wet outside.  



Where to purchase uniform

  • Our school branded items may be purchased from www.schooltrendsonline.com or www.YourSchoolUniform.com
  • Parents may purchase all uniform items (except jumpers/cardigans) from any high-street retailer or supermarket.
  • Our PTA (STARS) collects and washes nearly new second-hand uniform.  This is available at all times, please do ask at the school office to view it.  STARS will also have a uniform stall at least termly for example at Parent Consultations, the Christmas and Summer Fayres and any open sessions. STARS ask for a donation which is made into a box anonymously which enables parents to pay what they can afford for the items.