Welcome back to the Summer Term..

School Lunches

School Meals

We produce hot school meals on site every day for our children. This is run by the school. A three week rotation menu is followed.

For children in Foundation, Year 1  and 2 the Government Universal Infant Free School Meals apply so there is no cost. For Years 3 - 6 school meals cost £2.40 per child per day. (Payment must be received in advance of meals taken.)
We have a family dining ethos where two older children act as servers for the table they are allocated. Each meal is started with grace, and we all work together to promote healthy eating and good table manners. 

Our Daily Grace:


The food before,

The people beside 


The love between us 



Special lunch menu days
We also offer several special lunch days throughout the year where if your child does not normally join us for school lunch they can opt in by booking a meal on the flyers that are sent out at the beginning of each term.


For information on Free School Meals go to:

Cambridgeshire County Council - Free School Meals