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Year 5/6 Football festival - We won!

Year 5 and 6 Football festival - WE WON!! 

Picasso class went along to the Football festival in St Ives on 10th November. Mrs Jackson was very proud of them all, showing good sportsmanship and support for their team.  They played Stukeley Meadows in the final and won 1:0 to bring home the trophy!


On the 10th November, Picasso class went on a mini bus to the St. Ives Football Festival. We trained hard in the morning, preparing for the matches in the afternoon. Out of the six teams, Abbots Ripton was number1! WE played multiple matches and won most of them even though they were challenging. In the final, we played Stukeley Meadows and beat them 1:0! Overall, we had a great time and had lots of fun playing football all through the day. Written by Jackson Year 5