As you are aware regular attendance at school plays a vital role in ensuring that children make the best possible progress.  As such we monitor attendance closely both at a whole school level and at in individual child level.

The Governors have recently reviewed our attendance for the last academic year (2015-16) and I am delighted to report that our attendance rate was 96.3%. which was an improvement on the previous year.  I would like to thank those parents who supported us with this – the fall in parents requesting absence during term time for holidays has had the most significant impact.

The last national data set for attendance shows that the national average is 96% so we are now in-line with this.  We have set our target for 2016-17 at 97% and I am certain that this is attainable.

In addition to this, a child who is regarded as ‘persistently absent’ from school has an attendance rate below 90%.  We have significantly reduced the number of children who are persistently absent to just 2.2% which again is in-line with the national figure of 2.7%.  This improvement is great news!

At an individual pupil level, we will continue to monitor attendance in 6 week blocks and we will notify parents when attendance falls below 92%.  Please be aware that this only equates to 2½ days of absence during the 6 weeks.  If your child is late, after the registers close, then this is logged as an absence for the morning session. 

If your child has any medical or dental appointments during school time it is useful for us to have sight of the appointment letter or card as we can log this on our system.  This means that when I meet with our Education Welfare Officer, I have the evidence to support the absence.  

Many thanks for your support with this.

Mrs Claire Matthews